Simplifying the complex.

QXMédical designs and manufactures first-in-class medical devices that address the complexities of today's
ever-evolving needs in the fields of minimally invasive coronary, peripheral and endovascular interventions.

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Simple solutions for complex life-changing procedures.

Endovascular Interventions

Catheters and embolic agents for minimally invasive treatment of vascular disease and embolization therapy including TAE, TACE and MSK.

Coronary & Peripheral Vascular Interventions

Catheters to assist in the treatment of coronary and peripheral artery disease.

Emergency & Trauma Care

Minimally invasive catheter options for hemorrhage control during surgical interventions or emergency/trauma care, such as SVC tears or REBOA (Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta).

Innovative Balloon and Delivery Catheter offerings.

QXMédical is a technology driven medical device company offering simple yet innovative solutions for complex minimally invasive interventions. Our proprietary technology platforms enable us to deliver unique high performance devices with unmatched quality.

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